Monday, September 07, 2015

A World of Their Own

            It’s here! A World of Their Own was released last Friday and I now have some writing published! So, run on over to Amazon and buy a copy (Kindle or paperback – whichever you prefer).

            Now, I’m not just telling you to buy this book because my short stories are in it (we all know that’s reason enough), but there are short stories from a bunch of other amazingly talented authors, too! I haven’t finished reading all the stories yet (silly me, I put it off to long and as a slow reader didn’t give myself enough time to finish them all before writing this), but I have to tell you there are some great stories to be read. The best part about an anthology by a group of authors like this is that you get to sample lots of writing and if you love a writing style enough you can seek out more of their books. With so much variety, there's something for everyone.

            But wait, there’s more! All profits from every book sale go to the World LiteracyFoundation – so not only are you bringing wonderful stories into your own home, you’re helping to spread literacy around the world. How cool is that?

            I’ll leave you to it now – after all, I have some more reading to get done (and so do you).

            ... Okay seriously, brain, what’s with all the parentheses today? (I dunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time.) Stop that. People are staring. (Here, we’ll make up for our weirdness with some pretty artwork from the book.) Deal.

Click here to find the charity anthology containing a couple of my short stories.

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