Friday, May 24, 2019

Blossom Fall, Episode 18

Colonial Caerdia: Blossom Fall is a story being told through a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign I'm running at a local hobby shop called the Devil's Bench. If you aren't already familiar with this series, you can find the beginning over here.

You can find the previous episode here.

10th of Waning Spring, 0 AL

Our group of adventurers have just rescued a goblin, who introduces herself as Gyaka. Upon questioning, she tells them that she and her tribe came from the mountains and used to live in the lower regions of this place, but they flooded them when they were attacked by these strange plant creatures. As far as she knows, she's the last one left. The group decides to bring her along, and I'Un is considering taking her on as a disciple. She seems very happy to follow them, after their display of strength. However, the only shiny things she knows about were collected by her chief and are in the lower levels.

The group very much wants to go after these treasures, but Jojen convinces them that they should finish searching this level first. They proceed to do so, finding various patches of dangerous mold and a battered old wooden chest that bites back. Jojen goes off alone in a couple places, finding some silver that he pockets, as well as a magical golden ring that he keeps to himself.

They pause in their exploration to sleep and recover from some of their wounds, and wake up to find Gyaka gone. They can't find any trace of her, so they carry on. They find a room full of the dangerous mold, but, following Jojen's lead, go through anyway to access a hole on the other side, a few of them getting briefly sick. The room they find beyond the hole has a ladder going up to a trapdoor - but when John opens it, he closes it again immediately when he sees more of the plant creatures there up above. Not wanting a fight, they tie the handle of the trapdoor to the ladder with some rope and head back out, with a bit more sickness happening because of the mold.

They take a short rest by the fountain to recover from the harm of the mold while Jojen and Vala check out another set of rooms through another hole, where they find a fair amount of gold coins. Vala, who is holding all the group's money, goes to put it in her pouch - and finds the pouch missing. Jojen suggests that Gyaka may have taken it, but Vala believes John may have stolen back the coins that were stolen from him in the first place. John shows that he doesn't have the coins, which convinces Vala that the goblin was responsible, but stabs John in the foot when he proceeds to insult her about letting the money get stolen.

Frustrated, they decide that they do want a fight after all. However, the stairwell to the lower levels a flooded to the ceiling with a murky water that they decide they want nothing to do with, so they go back through the moldy room. However, they're now feeling so weak from the mold spores that infected a number of them that they want a nap before engaging the enemy. The bed down to sleep, setting watches. Unfortunately, Vala isn't paying much attention on the second watch - being distracted by her lack of wealth - and doesn't notice the rope fall as it is cut, or the plant-creatures that come silently into the room and attack everyone.

With almost the entire group groggily waking up, it is a desperate fight. They very quickly decide to retreat, but I'Un gets taken down and Jojen has to decide to save himself or save the monk - and he chooses the monk. They still begin moving towards the way out, but the tide of battle turns when Luna sends fire spraying across the creatures. Jojen, affected my spores breathed out by one of the creatures, passes out, but the rest are able to clean up the battle and Luna rushes to his side to treat his wounds and keep him from dying.

And that's this week's game session ends. Come back next week to find out what happens in Episode 19.

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