Monday, August 21, 2017

Industrious Spider

            One day I was sitting in a chair, reading to Colleen, when this tiny spider drifted past in front of me, suspended from a web. It wasn’t close enough to bother me, so I went about my reading. Then it drifted past again. And again.

            At this point, I paused to pay a bit more attention to this spider, which was little more than a green dot. I discovered that it was, in fact, drifting around in circles, making use of the ceiling fan’s air currents. I don’t know if it was weaving a web or simply having fun – either way, it was quite amusing to see.

            Over the next couple days, I noticed a huge increase in spider webs around the house. At first I thought maybe I just hadn’t been paying attention to them before, but then I realized that many of them had to be new – because I’d recently vacuumed through those areas. A few more sightings of that tiny dot of a spider led us to the conclusion that it had been the one responsible.

            It was amazing to discover that this one itsy bitsy spider had webbed just about every desirable location (by spider standards) in the house in such a short span of time. There didn’t seem to be any other spiders around to help or compete, so it had to be this one.

            Even more interesting to me has been spotting the spider again recently and seeing that it hasn’t grown much. Which makes me wonder – is this industrious spider failing to catch food, even with all those webs? Or, perhaps, does it need all those webs because it needs the food to support its active lifestyle?

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