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Lark's Landing, Episode 41

Colonial Caerdia: Lark's Landing is a story being told through a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign I'm running at a local hobby shop called the Devil's Bench. If you aren't familiar with this ongoing story, you can follow this link to Once Upon a Tabletop on YouTube to hear the start of it or read the brief summary I wrote when I switched from video to blog.

You can find the previous episode here.

37th of Waxing Winter, 0AL - 27th of Waxing Spring, 1AL

The next couple of months see three birthdays in the 3rd Watch. Hammer wakes up to find a platinum coin stamped with a gold anvil inside of him - it rattles out and down to the ground as he stands up. When he shows it to his companions, Stor explains that a number of the group have received them on their birthdays - presumably from the gods, as they have each been stamped with a religious symbol. They've all had a magical property that could be used once.

Hammer is a bit confused, as he doesn't worship a god, but Stor is able to inform him that the symbol on the coin it that of Mirinrie - and mentions that Gorbosh, the blacksmith, actually has the anvil that belonged to the goddess. Hammer eventually makes his way over to Gorbosh and gets a bit more information about this goddess who has taken an interest in him, learning that she's the daughter of two of the Four and is the goddess of crafting and tradition. He also learns that his coin will allow him to cast a spell that will temporarily stop time.

Next is Logan's birthday, and he finds a coin inside his helmet when he puts it on - stamped with the sun and clouds of Epesta. It will allow him so summon forth a handful of exceptionally nourishing berries.

Finally comes T'Zaric's birthday. He finds a coin behind his ear stamped with the staff and blank book of Raim, and he's astounded to discover that it will grant him a wish. His mind begins to whir with all the possibilities, but the endless opportunities are a bit overwhelming - especially since he knows that if he wishes for something too big, the magic may fail. He holds onto the coin, for now.

The group also plans out their new adventurer's guild hall that they are constructing off the side of Wyatt's tavern and make the arrangements for it to be built - some of them working on it themselves.

At the New Year Festival on the 1st of Waxing Spring, the council announces that, as part of starting a new life in these new lands, they are declaring a new calendar, saying that this is now year 1 After Landing. They also set up a booth where people can submit potential names for the settlement, as it's about time it is given a name. Of the many names offered up, the one chosen was Port Noble - a name honoring the ship that brought them across the Endless Ocean.

Logan finally has some luck, finding three candidates who wish to train with him to become paladins, but he knows he can only take on one student. He interviews all three of them. The first is a big, strong dragonborn lady who seems perfect for the job - at least physically. She seems to view it as a job and nothing more, and Logan knows that being a paladin is more than just a job. The second candidate is an enthusiastic gnome - perhaps a little too enthusiastic - who is excited for such an adventurous life, but his work history suggests he has trouble committing to any one task.

The final candidate, and the one Logan decides is the best fit, is a gangly young human named Lykos. He isn't particularly or coordinated, but he's eager for the job and he enjoys helping people - plus, he already worships Epesta, since he's on of the older orphaned children who've been in Merara's care. Logan gets him some equipment and begins training him.

Extang takes a map he found in ruins to a half-elf cartographer named Saifon to have copies made. When asked about where the map is of, Extang points to a coastal village, saying that's Port Noble. Saifon tells him that it most certainly isn't - the coastline is wrong and the map is older than the settlement, how could something that didn't exist be on the map? Extang becomes interested in the other potential villages marked on the map, and employs Saifon to come out with the 3rd Watch next time they go travelling so he can make proper maps.

On the 12th of Waxing Spring, the initial building for the adventurer's guild is completed. Stor brings the group together to celebrate and, for the first time, opens the barrel of mead that was the first thing he and Kordak brewed after landing, nearly a year ago. Because it's such a special brew, he limits how much everyone can have, wanting to keep it for special occasions like this. And this is a very special occasion to him. He makes an announcement to the group that he is planning to retire to take on a full time position as the guildmaster. There is some argument about the necessity of this, but Stor insists that, now that he has his family back, he wants to return to a quieter life. However, he does want to go on one last adventure with the group first.

Extang immediately shows his map to Stor, pointing out the villages and wondering what might be there. To find them, they must first return to the one landmark they know for certain - the ancient ruins they fell into while chasing after the 4th Watch. As they know they left some treasure behind, they while they're out there they might delve back down into those ruins while they're out there. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea.

The next day, they gather Lykos and Saifon and prepare to head out. As they're preparing to leave, T'Zaric, who has been thinking on what to do with his wish for two tendays and is still at a loss for what to do with it, finally makes his wish - asking Raim to bestow upon him a portion of his knowledge and power that will help him in the future.

Suddenly, his entire body changes, taking on the appearance of a dark cloud of swirling colors. He rises off the ground, hovering, and part of his arm extends out briefly, forming some kind of natural weapon.

Everyone is shocked, and they gather around to question him about what's just happened - or, in the case of Fiaeorri, to point out that he no longer needs his magical boots if he can fly. T'Zaric explains as best he can, saying that he feels like he'll no longer age, but even he doesn't know the full extent of the changes that have happened to him.

Once the excitement has died down, they set out into the jungle, following the trail Stor remembers to the ruined temple while Saifon works on making a map. They arrive at the temple after seven days of travel, but immediately head off for the first of the villages on Extang's map. They find the correct location, but all that remains there are a few traces of worked stone that may have been foundations for buildings long ago. They also note that the area is overrun with jungle, while on the map it is shown as being more open land.

They continue on to the next village and find the same thing - Stor is reminded of the first traces of civilization discovered by the 3rd Watch, where the entire side of a hill had been destroyed. Next they go to a monolith marked on the map and find a large stone ring sticking out of the ground. Again, Stor has seen this before, and he warns the others to keep their eyes open for hobgoblins as they move one.

They start out for the next village, but as they reach the edge of the jungle and look out over some hilly lands, Fiaeorri hears the tromping of metal feet and T'Zaric flies up into the air to see a hobgoblin patrol off in the distance. They decide to change course and head back to the ruined temple where they're certain to find some treasure. They arrive on the 27th of Waxing Spring.

And that's where this game session comes to an end. Come back in a week to find out what happens next in Episode 42.

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  1. "in the case of Fiaeorri, to point out that he no longer needs his magical boots if he can fly." No regrets.