Monday, July 10, 2017

Bug Eyes

            Watching a bug today, I started wondering what the world must look like to something so small. Certainly, everything is bigger – a crumb would be like a large rock – but are there any differences to how they actually see?

            Certainly, bugs must see more details than we do – much like how a piece of fabric looks like something solid from a distance, while the closer you get the more individual threads you can see. But is that where it stops?

            Through the use of microscopes, humans can examine things too small for them to see. We can break objects down into their individual parts. To insects, those parts are so much bigger in the first place. So, can they already see them? Does your vision become more magnified the smaller you get?

            If so, that must mean that the smallest of bugs view the world on a molecular level. How strange that must be, to look at something and see all the pieces it was made from. Like being able to count all the bricks in a wall, only the wall is a crumb.

            Oh, the knowledge we could glean if only we could communicate with other beings.

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