Monday, December 26, 2016

No Title

            Apparently my brain is mush today, so I’m just going to start typing and see what happens. I haven’t even left writing my blog as late as I usually do. It must have to do with being so social lately – it’s amazing how tired that makes me.

            So, let’s see. How do we do this? Words. We need words. Not just individual words, but strings of words forming some semblance of coherent meaning. Put them onto the page by pushing these little buttons. It’s quite a brilliant system, really. Much better than that staining of paper with ink or graphite thing. Neater, at any rate. And far more efficient than carving or painting rocks.

            It’s kind of symbolic, really. Words, sentences, paragraphs and such. Books are made out of loads of paragraphs, which are a bunch of sentences, each made of many words, which in turn are made out of several letters. Every big thing mage out of smaller things which are made from even smaller things. Just like everything in the universe.

            Galaxies. Solar systems. Planets. Countries. Cities. Communities. Families. People. Atoms. Molecules.

            Everything is put together from smaller things, working together to make a whole. Fascinating.

            There, I seem to have done it. Words on the page. Now I just need a title. Or do I?

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