Monday, February 16, 2015

Thought Exercise

            I've always wondered about the thought exercise suggesting that reality is just a figment of each individual’s imagination; the idea that there isn't any proof that anyone outside yourself exists.

            I think, therefore I am.

            I look at the world, though, and see plenty of people just as sentient as me. Unless, of course, I bestow that sentience upon them.

            I think you think, therefore I think you are.


            Then I look at all the people who express ideas that don’t contain so much as an ounce of logic. That’s enough proof for me.

            I couldn't possibly think of an idea as stupid as that, even in the pretence that I was thinking on behalf of a figment of my imagination, therefore you are.

            Problem solved.

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1 comment:

  1. Unless of course, your subconscious is making those people up so that you will feel that much more logical and intelligent. This would conveniently stroke your ego making you a happier person. On the other hand, maybe you subconscious is just bored and needs a few laughs. It may even write comments on your posts and post them just to spur you on to write more inane ramblings.In fact, your subconscious is probably writing this note right now and you yourself are actually rebutting your assertion in this post. I am not, therefore you are.