Monday, November 17, 2014

Software Relationships

            This morning Colleen came to me with a brilliant metaphor, so I told her to write it down because it would be perfect for this week’s blog. Besides, it’s been far too long since we heard from her. So, without further ado, I give you my wife.

At the risk of creating another one of those ideas that begins "Life is like a ham sandwich..." it came to me that relationships are like software.

At first, when you download your packet, you're so amazed and excited by all the new features. You enjoy it in all its shiny, brand new aspects and for a little while it's the epitome of perfection.

However, every program has its bugs. Eventually you discover one, then another and before you know it you are wondering if it was worth it downloading and installing the program in the first place.

Then you're faced with a choice: uninstall and try and find another program with fewer problems, or deal with the issues as you can. Because if you're creative and determined, most problems have fixes if you persevere.

Though not everything can be dealt with. You will always have those glitches, those odd little bumps and twists life is prone too. Because nothing is perfect, because humans are not perfect.

Some people download, then uninstall perpetually, ever searching for the perfect program to fit their needs. Always seeking the new or the different, convinced it is the program's responsibility to form to their needs, without effort and without thought on their part.

Others, those lucky few, discover a program early in life, decide it is just good enough to work hard at the remaining glitches, and live happily, understanding that inherent imperfection that humanity – and therefore software – is prone to.

            There you have it – life is like a ham sandwich, relationships are like software programs and, without further ado, I'm taking my wife back, because when I said I was giving her to you what I meant I was lending her to you.

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  1. Does this mean I'll be getting an upgrade for my software soon?