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Lark's Landing, Episode 61

Colonial Caerdia: Lark's Landing is a story being told through a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign I'm running at a local hobby shop called the Devil's Bench. If you aren't familiar with this ongoing story, you can follow this link to Once Upon a Tabletop on YouTube to hear the start of it or read the brief summary I wrote when I switched from video to blog.

You can find the previous episode here.

37th of Waxing Fall - 2nd of Waning Fall, 1AL

Half of the 3rd Watch are on the roof of the white stone building, while Fiaeorri is unconscious in the mouth of a t-rex, Patrick is asleep in the building's basement, and Logan is in the doorway, going into an uncontrollable rage, with one t-rex cramped inside the building, and another right outside the door. The situation looks dire, even as Patrick wakes up and rushes up the stairs to join the fight.

In spite of everyone's best efforts, Fiaeorri breathes her last breath moments before the t-rex holding her in its mouth is taken down. The second one is killed shortly thereafter, but Logan continues to fight - and he's between Fiaeorri and Patrick, who can bring her back to life. Luckily - if it can be called that - Logan is pretty battered from the fight, and they are able to knock him unconscious in time for Patrick to get to Fiaeorri's side.

Patrick pulls out the diamond T'Zaric had bought for him, casting his spell and watching as the diamond crumbles and is consumed. Fiaeorri gasps in a breath and jerks back to consciousness, alive again. She rushes off behind the building, to get away from the t-rexes and to get alone to think.

The group takes Logan's axe away from him and hides it in the bag of holding before reviving him and, once again, trying to figure out what is going on - convincing him that a wyvern flew off with his axe. Patrick has some suspicions, but he needs to wait until the morning to prove them true. Slowly, the 3rd Watch get back to sleep - though, first, T'Zaric and Patrick check in with the very shaken Fiaeorri. With the help of a spell from Patrick, she, too, is able to get to sleep.

The next day, the first thing Patrick does is cast a spell to remove curses on Logan - who suddenly no longer wants his powerful magic axe. Patrick also convinces Fiaeorri to let him cast the spell on Renn, her talking sword, and it breaks her bond with it. Fiaeorri, on the other hand, still wants the sword, and begins re-bonding with it - promising not to use it in the next battle to prove that it doesn't have some kind of hold over her like the axe had over Logan.

The group makes a plan for over the next five days. T'Zaric is going to fly in a series of circles each day to cover as much of the surrounding terrain as possible, searching for threats in the area. Meanwhile, Extang will use his magic to dig a defensive trench in a large circle around the white stone building, guarded by Logan, and Quib will be enhancing the quality of the land with Fiaeorri as a bodyguard while Patrick stands guard at their home base.

On the first day out, T'Zaric reports back that he discovered a decrepit castle that seems to be inhabited by orcs, which sparks a lot of interest in the group - along with the certainty that they must deal with this threat. However, they decide to continue on with their plan first.

The fourth day is the Fall Festival and Fiaeorri takes the the day to pray to her goddess, Pagslas, whose holy day it is. In the evening, the group gets together while Patrick casts a spell allowing him to ask five questions of one of the dead goblins - Ilk. He asks how the goblin died, and the goblin protests that he isn't dead, and is sure he would remember if he'd died. So Patrick asks what was the last thing the goblin remembers doing, which was sleeping, which prompts the question about what was happening before sleeping - which was fighting over food with B'yeta. Frustrated, Patrick asks if Ilk was doing anything else before going to sleep, other than fighting with B'yeta. The goblin corpse replies that it was waiting for friends to return. Patrick asks who the friends are, and he gets a list of former 3rd Watch members, and Extang.

Patrick rounds on Extang, telling him off for abandoning the goblins here. Extang tries to explain that there were too many other things going on to worry about the goblins - who refused to go to Port Noble because of fear of the Soggy Alliance - but Patrick is to distraught over the loss of life that may have been prevented if people had come back to check on the goblins more frequently. He expresses these thoughts to T'Zaric and Fiaeorri, both of whom express that death is part of life. Later, Logan tells him that it isn't possible to save everyone - that the needs of the many often outweigh the needs of the few, and the 3rd Watch did the right thing in protecting the thousands of the settlement rather than worrying about two goblins they believed could take care of themselves.

On the fifth day, Extang's trench is completed, the surrounding lands have magically enhanced fertility, and T'Zaric, on his way home, comes across a cave by a pond an hour away from the white stone building which contains some sort of large creature that, evidently, can burrow underground. He reports this back to the rest of the group upon arriving back, and they begin laying their plans for continuing their mission to secure this region for the construction of a new settlement.

And that's where week's game session ends. Find out what happens next week in Episode 62.

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