Monday, July 11, 2016

Songs of Khrull

            Unfortunately, Colleen and I have fallen behind on Of Dice and Glen, so this month’s episode will have to wait for another day. However, on a related note, we’ve been having a great time playing D&D with a group at our local board game cafe. Out Dungeon Master has been keeping a blog record of our adventure, so if you’re interested (and starved for our D&D adventures), you can click here to check it out.

            One thing I’ve been having a lot of fun with while playing this adventure is writing songs. My character is a minstrel when he’s not moonlighting as an assassin. In order to subtly gather information about an assassination target, he claimed to be writing a song about them. So, to hold to the character, I actually wrote a song.

            And, since I’d written one, why stop there? Once we completed the first adventure, I whipped together a second one to summarise everything our characters had done. So, here they are!

Livinia the Mage (Sung to a tune adapted from “Ragnar the Red” from Skyrim)

Oh, Livinia the mage was the worst kind of scum,
With her half-orsine offspring, all four of them dumb.

They raided and looted the roads of Chiswell,
Til the King's Guard arrived to bid them farewell.

But Livinia the mage and her sons ran away,
To the south and the bridge leading to Gannaway.

Now, along come our heroes, with some other plan,
Mhurrun, Luna and Lumi, Cididel and Phann.

Evil Livinia, she plans out an ambush at night,
With an old man as hostage, she thinks they won't fight.

Our heroes did charge in and slay all her brood,
They set Livinia running and our heroes pursued.

By the time that they caught her, Livinia was deaaaad...!
With a mysterious arrow shot right through her head.

The Heroes of Tolvir (Sung to a tune adapted from “The Hero of Canton” from Firefly)

Now, Tolvir was a village in trouble,
It lately been plagued by a skulk.
It raided and pillaged the houses,
Everyone stayed inside to sulk.

Then along came some heroes, quite mighty,
They were hired by old Papa Kurst.
They set out to solve all their problems,
Preparing to deal with the worst.

The monsters are slain,
The skulks are no more,
The heroes of Tolvir,
It's one for the lore!

Luna's a barbarian tiefling,
She delighted in finding a spoon.
She hacked up some lions in battle,
The map she found proved quite the boon.


[Deleted verse]
[Cididel was really a coward,
Some illusions made him full of fear.
When assassins attacked in the night,
Cididel charged right for the rear.]

When assassins attacked in the night,
It was Lumi who levelled the field.
The elf, with cunning and stealth attacks,
Gave the villains not a chance to yield.


Cididel charged right into battle,
At a ramshackle villa, I'm told.
Blasting monsters with all his magic,
The tiefling proved himself quite bold.


In battle with hideous ghouls,
The elf Phann cut them down with his steel.
Whenever a friend became injured,
He was right by their side for to heal.


When attacked by a whole tribe of xvarts,
Half-orc Mhurren was eager to fight.
He slew goblinoids by the score,
With his maul fling left and right.


At long last they came to the skulk,
Its mind broken and wretched to see.
They took away its glove and slayed it,
Its death was an act of mercy.

The monsters are slain,
The skulks are no more,
The heroes of Tolvir,
It's one for the lore!

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