Monday, November 16, 2015

What is it all for?

            With all these terror attacks this past week, it got me to thinking – what is actually the benefit of such attacks? Who stands to gain? What is the point of it all?

            In terror attacks, almost nothing can be achieved. Are you trying to prove a point? Okay, you got the attention of the world, but you don’t seem to have anything to say. If you did, we’re not exactly receptive after so many people have died. Are you trying to kill people who don’t believe the same as you? Hardly. In a world of billions, won’t make a difference to your war.

            The truth is, there are only two ways to benefit from a terror attack. The first (which is not the case with these attacks) is by being a government – if the people are afraid enough, they will object less to the government taking more power to protect them, or of giving up civil liberties. This is also an extremely stupid thing for a government to do because eventually it will be uncovered.

            The second is a manipulative mind-game with the world. By creating fear of a specific religion or culture, people are convinced to exclude, hate, oppress, and even attack people of that religion or culture. This reason is overlooked by most people because it doesn’t make sense for the attackers to turn people against themselves. Or does it?

            I actually missed seeing it at first – and I was specifically trying to figure out what was gained. Then I read an article that made it seem obvious. By encouraging people to oppress their primary pool for recruitment, the terrorist organisation has a better chance to draw people into their cause. After all, it takes two to fight – if the enemy is accepting your refugees, where will you find more soldiers to fight your war?

            Once we realize that, of course, it becomes simple to fight against. We mourn the tragic loss, but we do not allow ourselves to be filled with fear or hate. We pay attention to the truth that just because someone has something in common with a radical extremist, that doesn’t make them one. We stay open and welcoming to those different than ourselves.

            When we have done all that, terrorism will cease to have an effect. Once that become apparent, the attacks will become less common, then fade away. After all, why throw away soldiers on something that doesn’t work?

            But as long as people react with fear and hate, the terror attacks will continue. Because the true brilliance of this form of warfare is that it turns the victims into tools. Act with hate and you have unwittingly joined the terrorist army.

            All it takes is compassion. Welcome in those that the terrorists want you to drive into their arms. Then, and only then, will they truly be defeated.

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