Monday, August 18, 2014

Cottage Time

            Once in a while, my wife and I get invitations to visit a cottage, but we rarely are able to accept – actually, this is the first vacation we've had since our honeymoon, two years ago. I suspect that this trip was partially planned around us, since we left for the cottage on Wednesday, shortly after our last show before the end of September – in other words, the first free time we've had all year.

            This particular cottage is owned by some family friends and I've come up here a couple times before with my in-laws. It is a wonderful, relaxing place to come – if I could, I’d live up here. Oh, and the view is great.

            Not that this is the exact view I've had the whole time I've been here. It is accurate for my previous two visits, however today is the first day I've really gotten a chance to enjoy being outside. It’s also the first time the first day that the sun has come out to play (it’s back behind a cloud again now). Much of the time here looked more like this:

            In spite of the weather, it’s still been a great vacation. The friends and my in-laws are a delightful to spend time with, even cooped up inside by the rain. Plus, during the precipitation, we got to hear and see this lovely loon:

            It’s kind of funny, though, because even though I'm on vacation, I'm still working away. My wife and I brought chainmaille to make while here and I, of course, am writing every day. Actually, of my five books (including my current work in progress), this is the third one I've worked on at this cottage. Without all the distractions of regular life, I get far more done here than I do at home, while, at the same time, being more relaxed.

            I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to live like this all the time, without the hubbub of every-day live interfering with... just living. I wish everyone could live like this and experience the simple joy of slowing down and enjoying life for what it is, rather than what we've made it.

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  1. Have you ever heard: "We are meant to be human beings, but we behave like human doings." Life does involve the necessity of doing a number of things, so we cannot spend all our time simply being; however, I wonder if we could change our values in order to find better balance between the being and the doing.