Monday, January 07, 2013


            As this is my first blog, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself and what you can expect to find here. My name is Jonathan Rutledge and I am a writer (among other things) under the pen name J.C. Rutledge. I'm a somewhat insane individual with a passion for fantasy, an uneventful life and a touch of O.C.D.

            What you’ll find here, well, even I'm not entirely sure of that yet! I’ll probably end up rambling on about any number of subjects relating to my scribbling, my chainmaille business ( and various random subjects that pop into my head. On the occasion that I finish reading a book, I’ll probably give you a review. Once in a while I might ask my lovely wife Colleen (yes, that’s where the C. in the J.C. Rutledge comes from, you caught me) to jot something down for you. On occasion I may give you something funny to read. On rare occasion, you might find it funny too.

            My goal is to post a new blog every Monday. Only time will tell how successful I’ll be; it may end up being cut down to only once or twice a month – after all, I have books I'm supposed to be writing, who needs a blog?

            Well, that should be all that’s needed for an introduction; I don’t suppose there will be many people reading this, so I hope the briefness hasn't left anyone disappointed. See you all next week!

J.C. Rutledge
Click here to find the charity anthology containing a couple of my short stories.
To see my chainmaille, click here.

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